1. refinedmind:

    Just before nightfall I decided to take a walk outside. The sky was low, enveloping any object in its reach. It formed a dull, purplish haze - like nothing I’d seen before. The streets were empty. Not a single soul was out. It was oddly peaceful - imagining I was the only one left.

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    apichatpong weerasethakul , international film festival rotterdam 2000 , mysterious object at noon premiere

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    Silena Lambertini (Italy)

    Silena Lambertini is a self-taught photographer based in Italy who creates amazing landscape photographs. With some post processing involved, the mystic light leaves a trail of the total silence.

    © All images courtesy the artist

    [more Silena Lambertini | artist found at A Lifetime Photography]

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  4. mattybing1025:

    Happy 77th Birthday Jack Nicholson!  |  April 22, 1937

    Interviewer: What were the highlights of your life?

    Jack: The first screening of Easy Rider in Cannes, because I had been there before sneaking around. When I was sitting in the screening I realized that I was actually going to be a movie star. When I was over there I was pretty much already thinking about directing because I had been doing movies for 10 or 12 years by then. And everybody said I was good, but being known and not having a big film success is almost tougher than being completely new. It just kind of turned my life around and was definitely a highlight.

    Interviewer: Do you ever get that same buzz now?

    Jack: When they say I’m a great actor, I close my ears because it’s not good for you to think that way.

    Interviewer: You seem pretty confident though.

    Jack: Well, you know, I put on a good show.

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  5. alexcaparros:

    My thoughts drift back to erect-nipple wet dreams about Mary Jane Rottencrotch and the great homecoming-fuck fantasy.

    I am in a world of shit, yes…

    … but I am alive.

    And I am not afraid.

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  6. This is farewell.

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  8. thefilmstage:

    The first image from Ryan Gosling's directorial debut Lost River, which will premiere at Cannes.

    See more details here.

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  9. f-l-e-u-r-d-e-l-y-s:

    In a new project called “OMG, Who Stole My Ads?” French street artist Etienne Lavie makes it his mission to transform the ad space in Paris into an outdoor art gallery. He has been travelling around the city, snatching up posters and billboards, and replacing them with fine specimens of French art from an earlier era. If our senses have over-developed to the point where we need to be visually stimulated at all times outdoors, just to keep up continuity, then we might as well at least occasionally glimpse something that moves us—something we might elect to look at voluntarily. Lavie’s project gives that gift to a lucky subset of Parisian commuters.

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  10. madonnadelchastain:

    Charlotte Gainsbourg in Nymphomaniac

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